Buy One Get One Free in THE VAPER EXPO UK OCTOBER 2017

In the Vaper EXPO UK October 2017, KIMSUN has a “Buy One Get One Free” activity, the following figure is the event invitation letter:

Buy One Get One Free in THE VAPER EXPO UK OCTOBER 2017

Activity Details:

In the Vaper EXPO, we will be limited to retail some KIMSUN SLIM2R
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KIMSUN Booth: B226
Time: 27-29 OCTOBER 2017




Exhibition TIME: 27-29 OCTOBER 2017

At the VAPER EXPO UK OCTOBER 2017, Kimsun will showcase a large number of new R&D’s products, Please look forward to …

Welcome to the platform to visit and exchange! KIMSUN Team will be waiting for your attending.

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Exhibition TIME: 2017,10,7-8

At the Indonesia Vape FAIR 2017 exhibition, In addition to Kimsun Hot products: SLIM 2R, SM40 KIT, SHARK, STL Mini…..
There will also be 8 new Kimsun products, will bring you more surprises!
Welcome to the platform to visit and exchange! KIMSUN Team will be waiting for your attending.

Special attention:
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Questionnaire Address :


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C-1: At the Dortmund exhibition “HALL2 C10” booth to receive a questionnaire, Fill in carefully, and then return the questionnaire to Kimsun staff.
C-2: Click the link ( ) to fill in the questionnaire and tag as many as possible of your friends to participate in the event!
D: Gifts will be individually sent to 10 lucky winners from DC-1 & C-2 whom will be randomly selected.

Activity time:  Ends at 11: 59pm, September 24 (Beijing time).

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Notes:  KIMSUN reserve all the rights of the regulation of this event.




A:  Follow & like KIMSUN facebook page!

B:  Like & share this post on your facebook!

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D:  Gifts will be individually sent to 5 lucky winners from C-1 & C-2 whom will be randomly selected.

Activity time:  9th – 10th September, 2017 (Beijing time)

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Notes:  KIMSUN reserve all the rights of the regulation of this event.


KIMSUN invitation card
KIMSUN invitation card-1KIMSUN invitation card-2

The Kimsun Air 10 All-In-One

KIMSUN air10

We have tried a lot of the all-in-one pod systems that have been creating a lot of crazy in the vape world, most are subpar when it comes to flavour and vapor quality. Needing to vape high Nicotine content or Nicotine salts to get a decent cessation which gives a nice throat hit all at the cost of flavour. So we haven’t posted any reviews on them till now (they don’t qualify), meet the Air 10 by Kimsun/Kimree, an all-in-one that offers a lot the others can’t, but there’s a catch…

At first glance it’s an odd organic shape/silhouette, but pick it up and it all makes a lot of sense. The Air 10 feels very comfortable in the hand. There is a hard rubberized finish on the battery/lower part of the mod that seems to be very durable. It’s a simple system with 5 clicks on/off and some standard safety protection. The pods themselves house a 10ml juice reservoir, airflow, drip tip/top of the mod, and a 0.25 Ohm Titanium wire coil. Simple click in and play functionality makes this system extremely easy to use. There is a nice click into place (pods) that feels substantial and tough, unlike many others on the market that feel delicate and weak. The biggest issue with the aesthetic is the branding, it’s all over it. Logos are mirrored on both sides of the mod and pod, it’s overkill and makes an otherwise attractive little mod (has a pebble/river stone quality to it) look busy and a little cheap. The fire button could loose the vapor/smoke icon too, button feel/click is okay though. 5 blue LEDs light up on fire and also show battery level. It’s a smart little automatic system that works really well.

Flavour is impressive, we can’t get over how consistent the performance is. There is very little break-in for the coil/cotton. Quickly giving you a satisfying, flavourful vape. Our sample came with a Watermelon Smoothy (Watermelon Menthol), a tasty hit of Mint with a subtle Watermelon that has a very pleasant aftertaste. 6mg Nicotine seems perfect, good throat hit and flavour. There is a nice warmth to the vapor, it runs like an RTA or RDA with a 0.5 Ohm build run around 25-30W. In other words, an impressive vape quality and flavour. The Air 10 could satisfy a new and seasoned vaper with ease. The perfect first vape or lazy day for someone more experienced.

Airflow is a fixed restricted lung hit. Much more airflow than any of the other systems on the market. We don’t see a need for an AFC, if you wanted more restriction it’s pretty easy to block some of the airflow with your finger. Best performance is accomplished by titling the airflow below your mouth, this also help flow the juice directly to the coil (the top shape of the mod also looks more natural this way, finger fire rather than a thumb fire).

Pods hold up, we haven’t had an ounce of trouble. Another downside, the only way to check your juice level is to remove the pod. A simple juice level window/slot would be an nice addition. 10 ml of juice lasts an extremely long time. The battery life is also impressive, the unit came 3/4 charged and we vaped it empty and then did a full charge (3 hours tops), the juice has lasted 2 full charges (about 2-3 days of reasonably heavy vaping). The coil is super efficient for sure, the quality of the juice is hard to gage (only sampled one profile), but it vapes clean for sure (no signs of gunking). The flavour has been consistent from full to empty, impressive! The biggest issue of all, the pods don’t seem to be available anywhere (even China). There are supposedly 15 flavours in 5 categories (Tobacco, Beverage, Fruit, Menthol, & Dessert) that aren’t listed anywhere either. It’s a shame and has been an issue that has plagued many of the companies producing these systems, there needs to be a stockpile of pods before you launch this kind of product. A refillable/rebuildable Pod would be very nice too.

Fit & Finish seems to be very good. The plastics and metal (Zinc Alloy) materials have a solid feel and smooth appearance. The Air 10 feels like something Braun would make, a real German industrial flair. Some nice Red-Orange LEDs instead of blue with less branding and it would be a real stunner. A slightly more solid metal button would be nice too. But overall its a nice weight (138g) and the finish seems to be very durable.

The Air 10 is an outstanding all-in-one system/device. Easily the best we have tried. Some big retailer needs to pick these up and make the pods more accessible. This device would dominate the market for sure. It’s an absolute shame we can’t get more pods, if we could we would vape the hell out of this device. It’s the perfect lazy day or worry free device you can take anywhere. If you are adventurous and patient, see if you can order one, it will be worth the trouble (might me a one pod vape though). Here is to hoping the Air 10 takes off soon, if at all.


– Unique Shape/Design
– Great Flavour
– Great Vapor Production
– Perfect Restricted Lung Hit
– Extremely Easy to Use
– Very Consistent Performance
– Great 10ml Pods (0.25 Ohm Coils)
– 15 Flavours, 5 Categories (Profiles Unlisted)
– Small (102×48.7×25.2 mm)
– Great Battery Life (1700 mAh)
– Great Hand Feel, Ergonomic
– Integrated Drip Tip w/ Great Mouth Feel
– Nice Weight, Feels Solid
– Great Fit & Finish (Nice Rubberized Finish)
– 2 Colourways (Sliver & Black)
– Decent Packaging
– Affordable?

– Hard to Find (Chinese Wholesale Only)
– Cartridges/Pods Impossible to Get
– Retail Cost Unknown (Mod or Pods)
– Over Branded
– Pods must be removed to see Juice Level

Learn more about KIMSUN AIR 10:


KIMSUN International Vape Fair in 2017

Over the next 10 month of 2017, KIMSUN will attend most of international professional vape expo all over the world. Our team will try our best to create unique new products to provide you different new experience for each exhibition. Please stay tuned……

Expo! Expo! Now we are very excited to present our latest vape products at the China Shenzhen eCig Expo 2017. We will also bring many new cool stabilized box mods and big surprises for you!

– Meet the KIMSUN Marketing & Sales Teams

– Learn & experience the latest KIMSUN Vaping products

China Shenzhen eCig Expo 2017

KIMSUN Booth:9F12

Time: Apri 14-16 2017

Address: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre


Time: 4-5th. March 2017

KIMSUN Booth: C5.1

Address: Ptak Warsaw Expo Center, Al.Katowicka 62, Nadarzyn, 05-830

Warsaw Expo


Bali Vape Fair 2017

Time: 3-5th. March 2017

KIMSUN Booth: 33&34

Address: Inna Grand Bali Beach Maisonnet Square

Bali Vape Fair 2017
We look forward to seeing you there! Please contact KIMSUN if you have any questions regarding attending the trade fair!

KIMSUN Official Website:


KISMUN Spirit:

Integrity, Cooperation, Professional, Innovation

Quality Strategy:

Continued improve, provides high quality products which exceed all the customers’ expectations



Kimsun Air10 review

The Kimsun Air10 is an e-cigarette-type unit targeted both atcigarette smokers searching for an alternative and advanced vapers who desire a compact, lightweight vaporizer for vaping on the go. The AIR10 is really a tiny, box-formed e-cigarette built by KimSun. The AIR10 utilizes a proprietary disposable atomizer that’s pre-fill with 10ml of e-liquid, available in many tastes (15 Kinds of E-liquid Flavors) and nicotine strengths. While most producers are focused on intermediate-to-advanced vaping enthusiasts with high performance box mods, it’s important to understand that there are beginners out there. They search for someting simple to stop smoking. The Air 10 by Kimsun is packaged with all you need for vaping. You don’t have to install a coil or something like that with this device. When the Air 10 is charged, you can begin to vape with this unit. This Kimsun item is really interessant and the taste is very good as you will see on the review below.

Air 10 Kimsun : the new vape all in one starter kit

You will see several aspects of this new all in one starter kit.

What’s in the box ?

In the box, you will find the following elements :

  • E-liquid cartridge,
  • Air10 battery,
  • An USB cable to charge the device,
  • An instruction manual.

So, you’ve got all elements to begin vaping. It’s a very good starter kit for people who want to stop smoking and have a very user-friendly device. No liquid to purchase, you have a cartrige with 10ml of e-liquid.

Look of the Kimsun Air 10

The AIR10 is very small. You can hold it on you hand very easily. The shape is quite unique with the 2 elements : the cartridge and the battery mod with a capacity of 1700mah. It looks very amazing and the size is ideal for a people who love single 18650 box mod.

To operate the device, you have only one button : the fire button. You press on it and you’ve got directly the power on the cartridge. A strip of LED lights shows the battery level. Very well designed, the Kimsun Air 10 is very to vape with this unit. You don’t have to regulate your power. The chipset makes the job for you. To be honest, the Kimsun Air10 performs about as well as my favorite atomizers.

There are five LED indicators on the mod that light when you’re vaping. They also serve to display remaining battery capacity. The fire button is located just above the LEDs

Performance of the Kimsun Air10

The first thing that you need to realize is that the AIR10 is a closed system e-cigarette, meaning that it’s only compatible with their proprietary cartridge. It’s not possible to refill the system. Maybe one day, the manufacter will produce a new type of cartridge ? The atomizer connects to the mod magnetically.

The proprietary cartridge holds 10ml of e-liquid. You can vape with this system for 2/3 days. It was my case for this test. The Air 10 is a temperature control device without the control. It operates at a constant 530° F to provide a consistent experience. The 0.25Ω titanium coil of the Air10 seems to do a great job keeping the temperature constant and generating impressive clouds of vapor with no burnt taste. The flavor “water melon” was amazing in my mouth. The vapor production is far better than an As pire Nautilus for example.

It takes less than 3 hours to fully charge from an empty battery. It weighs a lightweight 138g. The dimensions are 38.7 x 25.2 x 102mm. Like I told you before, this all in one kit is tiny.

Learn more about KIMSUN AIR 10:


Kimsun Air10 E-Cigarette Review

The Kimsun Air10 is an e-cigarette-type device aimed both at smokers looking for an alternative and intermediate vapers who want a small, portable vaporizer for vaping on the go. With most independent manufacturers these days racing to come out with more powerful and complex devices, it’s easy to forget that the vast majority of vapers still use entry-level e-cigs, most of which are extremely inefficient in replacing tobacco cigarettes, and it’s them that Kimsun is targeting with the new Air10.
My first experience with a Kimsun product has been reviewing the tiny TC40W Mini mod, which I actually found decent for its price, so I have high hopes that the Air10 e-cigarette is actually superior to the cigalike-type vaporizers that Big Tobacco is pushing hard right now. Let’s take a look at this little guy and see what it’s all about:

The Kimsun Air10 comes in a large cardboard box, with pictures of the electronic cigarette dominating both the front and back of the packaging. The usual info, like contents, warnings and company information or on the side of the box.
Inside the box you’ll find a large blister containing a disposable Air10 e-liquid cartridge, the Air10 e-cigarette, a micro USB charging cable, and an instructions leaflet. It’s a pretty standard e-cigarette starter kit – you basically get everything you need to start vaping right away. Cartridges come pre-filled with a whopping 10 ml of e-liquid, so all you need to do is pop them on the device and enjoy the flavored vapor. The buckle design of the cartridges and the magnetic connection means that there is no screwing required, so inserting and removing the cartridges is quick and easy. Well, at least the inserting, because popping one of these bad boys out of the Air10 housing actually requires a fair bit of strength.

The Air10 has a somewhat unusual design for an electronic cigarette. Instead of the classic cigarette shape or the cylindrical design of eGo-style e-cigs, Kimsun went for something that I can only describe as a distorted oval shape with a mouthpiece sticking out at the top. It’s not bad looking at all, to be honest, and it actually feels great in the hand. The only features worth mentioning are the plastic fire button (with an actual flame on it), the USB charging port and the LED battery indicator made up of five individual LEDs that light up whenever you press the fire button. When the battery is full, all five lights will come on when you use the Air10, but as it discharges, the lights go out one by one.
I do have some concerns about the placement of the airflow slots on the back of the replaceable cartridge. When you hold the Air10 in you hand, there’s a high chance of accidentally covering these slots with your finger and completely blocking the air to the coil. It only happened to me a couple of times, but maybe they should have just placed them somewhere less problematic, just to be sure.

The Kimsun Air10 measures 48.7 x 25.2 x 102 and weighs 138 grams. That actually puts it in the same size category as small mods like the SMOK OSUB Plus or the Eleaf iStick PICO, although those are advanced vaporizers, whereas this is a simple electronic cigarette with an unusual design. The main body of the Air10 is made of zinc alloy and has a rubberized finish for improved grip. It’s light and feels great in the hand, thanks in part to the rounded edges.
Like the Pax JUUL, the Kimsun Air10 is a closed vaping system, which means that you can only use it with a proprietary type of cartridges. These actually make up the entire top part of the Air10, including the mouthpiece. So when you vape the whole 10ml of e-liquid, all you can do is throw this cartridge away and get a new one. Looking at the cartridge, I don’t think refilling is an option, as the platic mouthpiece appears to be press-fit onto to the e-liquid container.

My wife actually prefers these closed systems to the nearly infinite combination of mods and atomizer I usually use, because they are usually mess free. There’s no leaking, you don’t have to build any coils, or regularly change cotton wicks, just pop in a new juice cartridge and you’re good to go. On the downside, you’re confined to a single style of atomizer, a whatever selection of e-liquids the manufacturer provides, and the cost of cartridges is higher. I have no idea what Air10 cartridges will cost, as Kimsun hasn’t yet released any pricing information yet, but considering their size and the fact that they come with the mouthpiece, I expect they won’t be very cheap.
One thing you won’t have to worry about when using the Kimsun Air10 is flavor diversity. The Chinese company has already announced a selection of 15 different flavors to choose from, as well as several nicotine strengths. You’ll be able to pick from Tobacco 1, Banana Milk, Honey Dew, Tobacco 2, Watermelon Smoothies, Green Mint, Milk, Strawberry with Milk, Whiskey and Chinese Style Flue-Cured Tobacco. I went for the last one, and it’s pretty decent. I hadn’t vaped tobacco since reviewing the Black Note e-liquid line, but I was curious of how well they had reproduced the taste of tobacco, as this device primarily targets fresh ex-smokers, and people looking to make the switch to vaping.

Chinese Style Flue-Cured Tobacco might appeal more to someone looking for an authentic tobacco taste, but it just reminded me of how glad I am to have given up smoking years ago. There are so much more enticing flavors out there! I would have loved to know the propylene glycol – vegetable glycerin levels used in the juice, but unfortunately I could not find such information on the Kimsun website, or anywhere else for that matter.
The Air10 battery has a capacity of 1700 mAh, which may seem abysmal for a high-power mod, but for a device aimed at beginners it’s actually pretty decent. I’ve only gone through a full charge a couple of times, just to test out the battery life, and on both occasions I got about seven hours of use out of it. That’s pretty impressive for such a small vaporizer, especially one that actually produces a fair amount of vapor with each draw.

You can find entry-level devices with slightly better battery life, like the Stick One Plus (2000 mAh), but the difference really isn’t considerable in real life usage, so if you prefer the unique design of the Kimsun Air10, don’t let a few milliamp-hours hold you back. For its size and performance, the Air10 offers above average  battery life.
Simple devices aimed at beginners don’t usually feature temperature control, but the Kimsun Air10 does. In fact, I was surprised to learn that it operates at a constant 530 degrees Fahrenheit, adjusting the power level to reach this setting. As you might have guessed, that also means that the coil in the replaceable e-liquid cartridge is made of a TC-compliant material. In this case, it’s titanium, which which I don’t have a lot of experience. I mainly use stainless steel for temperature control vaping, but the tiny 0.25Ω coil of the Air10 seems to do a great job keeping the temperature constant and generating impressive clouds of vapor with no burnt taste.

The Kimsun Air10 is a nice-looking device with some genuinely interesting features, but as always, it all comes down to how well it vapes. In this regard, I have to say that I was very impressed with this little guy. The vapor production is far better than most other electronic cigarettes I have tried before, there is absolutely no delay – you press the fire button and the coil instantly starts to sizzle – and the draw is just right. It might seem a bit too airy for fresh ex-smokers, but not overly so, plus the improved airflow contributes to the vapor production.
To be honest, the Kimsun Air10 performs about as well as my all-time favorite e-cig, the Joyetech eGo AIO, which is saying something. I’m well past this type of device, but if I were a beginner looking for my first electronic cigarette, the Air10 would definitely be a great choice.

Unfortunately, I can’t offer any information on the pricing of the Kimsun Air10 starter kit and disposable cartridges, or even where you can buy it from. I was unable to find a single online store that carries it, and the Kimsun website only provides general information about the product. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


More about KIMSUN AIR 10:

KIMSUN Christmas celebration

“jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride,  in a one-horse open sleigh” Hi, everybody, Merry Christmas!  With the song and if you can  be with the e-cigarette, it is the better Christmas carnival than ever before. KIMSUN are so glad to spend and share the time with all of you.

KIMSUN is the international brand of KIMREE established in 2006, it clearly targets on mass consumer e-cigarettes and possesses complete production lines meet the needs of vaporizer mod market. Now with the TPD and FDA development, KIMSUN newest products are good gifts for your Christams Eve.

KIMSUN Air 10 is KIMSUN New Arrival Pre-filled Disposable Atomizer & TC40W Box Mod Vape with unique design. It’s with 10ml big volume as well as 2ml volume that conform to the TPD2 Act. Disposable buckle design atomizer makes it very easy to use.

KIMSUN SLIM 2 is TPD2 complied vape mod wholesale 2ml pre-filled disposable atomizer & 40W vapor box mod electronic cigarette.

KIMSUN SM40 is the lastest temperature control vape mini box mod with a 40 wattage rechargeable battery box vapor mod designed by KIMREE. It is made of aviation aluminum-alloy. It has a synchronous data LED display screen for you to see what temperature and wattage you are at when you vaping.

KIMSUN TOTANK is a nice refillable clearomizer with 0.2 ohm resistance. It has 2.0ml tank capacity.  TOTANK is applicable to batteries bearing 5-30 wattage. TOTANK is KIMSUN newest popular top filling leak free tank atomizer.

Actually KIMSUN has many good product and you can go to the site get you want. Everyone wants to get they wanted on Christmas day. And as far As I can see, with the Christmas song and KIMSUNEICG, life is enjoyable and pleasant!