The Kimsun Air 10 All-In-One

KIMSUN air10

We have tried a lot of the all-in-one pod systems that have been creating a lot of crazy in the vape world, most are subpar when it comes to flavour and vapor quality. Needing to vape high Nicotine content or Nicotine salts to get a decent cessation which gives a nice throat hit all at the cost of flavour. So we haven’t posted any reviews on them till now (they don’t qualify), meet the Air 10 by Kimsun/Kimree, an all-in-one that offers a lot the others can’t, but there’s a catch…

At first glance it’s an odd organic shape/silhouette, but pick it up and it all makes a lot of sense. The Air 10 feels very comfortable in the hand. There is a hard rubberized finish on the battery/lower part of the mod that seems to be very durable. It’s a simple system with 5 clicks on/off and some standard safety protection. The pods themselves house a 10ml juice reservoir, airflow, drip tip/top of the mod, and a 0.25 Ohm Titanium wire coil. Simple click in and play functionality makes this system extremely easy to use. There is a nice click into place (pods) that feels substantial and tough, unlike many others on the market that feel delicate and weak. The biggest issue with the aesthetic is the branding, it’s all over it. Logos are mirrored on both sides of the mod and pod, it’s overkill and makes an otherwise attractive little mod (has a pebble/river stone quality to it) look busy and a little cheap. The fire button could loose the vapor/smoke icon too, button feel/click is okay though. 5 blue LEDs light up on fire and also show battery level. It’s a smart little automatic system that works really well.

Flavour is impressive, we can’t get over how consistent the performance is. There is very little break-in for the coil/cotton. Quickly giving you a satisfying, flavourful vape. Our sample came with a Watermelon Smoothy (Watermelon Menthol), a tasty hit of Mint with a subtle Watermelon that has a very pleasant aftertaste. 6mg Nicotine seems perfect, good throat hit and flavour. There is a nice warmth to the vapor, it runs like an RTA or RDA with a 0.5 Ohm build run around 25-30W. In other words, an impressive vape quality and flavour. The Air 10 could satisfy a new and seasoned vaper with ease. The perfect first vape or lazy day for someone more experienced.

Airflow is a fixed restricted lung hit. Much more airflow than any of the other systems on the market. We don’t see a need for an AFC, if you wanted more restriction it’s pretty easy to block some of the airflow with your finger. Best performance is accomplished by titling the airflow below your mouth, this also help flow the juice directly to the coil (the top shape of the mod also looks more natural this way, finger fire rather than a thumb fire).

Pods hold up, we haven’t had an ounce of trouble. Another downside, the only way to check your juice level is to remove the pod. A simple juice level window/slot would be an nice addition. 10 ml of juice lasts an extremely long time. The battery life is also impressive, the unit came 3/4 charged and we vaped it empty and then did a full charge (3 hours tops), the juice has lasted 2 full charges (about 2-3 days of reasonably heavy vaping). The coil is super efficient for sure, the quality of the juice is hard to gage (only sampled one profile), but it vapes clean for sure (no signs of gunking). The flavour has been consistent from full to empty, impressive! The biggest issue of all, the pods don’t seem to be available anywhere (even China). There are supposedly 15 flavours in 5 categories (Tobacco, Beverage, Fruit, Menthol, & Dessert) that aren’t listed anywhere either. It’s a shame and has been an issue that has plagued many of the companies producing these systems, there needs to be a stockpile of pods before you launch this kind of product. A refillable/rebuildable Pod would be very nice too.

Fit & Finish seems to be very good. The plastics and metal (Zinc Alloy) materials have a solid feel and smooth appearance. The Air 10 feels like something Braun would make, a real German industrial flair. Some nice Red-Orange LEDs instead of blue with less branding and it would be a real stunner. A slightly more solid metal button would be nice too. But overall its a nice weight (138g) and the finish seems to be very durable.

The Air 10 is an outstanding all-in-one system/device. Easily the best we have tried. Some big retailer needs to pick these up and make the pods more accessible. This device would dominate the market for sure. It’s an absolute shame we can’t get more pods, if we could we would vape the hell out of this device. It’s the perfect lazy day or worry free device you can take anywhere. If you are adventurous and patient, see if you can order one, it will be worth the trouble (might me a one pod vape though). Here is to hoping the Air 10 takes off soon, if at all.


– Unique Shape/Design
– Great Flavour
– Great Vapor Production
– Perfect Restricted Lung Hit
– Extremely Easy to Use
– Very Consistent Performance
– Great 10ml Pods (0.25 Ohm Coils)
– 15 Flavours, 5 Categories (Profiles Unlisted)
– Small (102×48.7×25.2 mm)
– Great Battery Life (1700 mAh)
– Great Hand Feel, Ergonomic
– Integrated Drip Tip w/ Great Mouth Feel
– Nice Weight, Feels Solid
– Great Fit & Finish (Nice Rubberized Finish)
– 2 Colourways (Sliver & Black)
– Decent Packaging
– Affordable?

– Hard to Find (Chinese Wholesale Only)
– Cartridges/Pods Impossible to Get
– Retail Cost Unknown (Mod or Pods)
– Over Branded
– Pods must be removed to see Juice Level

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